Whispers from the Cellar

Episode 2

Search and Destroy

The Twi’lek singer Ree Tualin has been murdered, shot by a poisoned dart while performing with her band at The Cellar. Fingers were pointed at an unassuming Rodian named Beezo, and three men who claim to have witnessed him firing a needler at her during the show attempted to apprehend him only to be challenged by the Rodian’s companion, Nyla, who drew an illegal disruptor pistol and demanded they leave him alone. The players interceded, all hell broke loose (oh God the noise Gearbox!), and the disruptor was fired only to hit the squirming Beezo!

In the flurry of activity that followed, Nyla was shot with a stun blast from the very will hidden Keesjan and then wrestled to the ground by the ex-military Inicio, angry and irritated that anyone would dare possess a highly vicious disruptor pistol! Meanwhile, in a dark corner of the cantina, the Chiss hunter Fern confronts a large figure (who turned out to be Sirrouwaroo) lurking in the shadows. He attempts to get the Wookie to submit and come quietly out of the darkness only to be slammed back as the hulking Wookie made a break for the back door. Sirrouwaroo might have been stopped by Fern’s expert use of a Tuskan Long Barrelled rifle but, what do you know, out of ammo…. click…

In all this violence, only the consideration of the Trandoshan doctor Vorst, an individual devoted to the preservation of life, seem focused on the slowly dying Ree. Vorst pulls her shaking form backstage and does all he can to keep her from slipping away, but the poison is too strong, and the equipment at hand not advanced enough and he loses her, though not before she delivers to him a rather cryptic but impassioned message to bring the murderers of Besjan to justice and something about her letters and a Wookie and a life debt…

Back in the chaos of the bar, Fern took off after the fast moving Sirrouwaroo followed by Inicio who half pushed, have pulled his captive Nyla down the hall in front of him. The Wookie turned out to be very quick indeed, but Fern was not one to give up, and pushing himself way past his limits he managed to keep pace with the fleeing fuzz ball down the corridor and up a 100 yard ladder only to finally collapse in the dark and dingy alleyways above, thoroughly winded from the chase. Not far behind him, Inicio finally got Nyla to finally drop her weapon and he crushed the vile instrument of lethality under a strident boot heel. Take that! Eventually convincing Nyla to agree to his demands, Inicio then followed her up the long ladder to the surface only to have her make a break for it at the last second and slip literally between his extended fingers into the busy nights of Worlport.

Meanwhile, back in the cantina, Keesjan deftly lifts Beezo’s wallet from him after Vorst applies a much needed field dressing to the Rodian’s wounds. After a brief exchange with Gesh the bouncer (and a sneaky look at the discarded needler) Keesjan, Vorst and Gearbox then decide to give the poor wounded Beezo a helping hand home in a cab. Arriving at a nicer apartment building than expected, Gearbox kindly, and with a suspiciously high level of skill, bypasses security and opens the front door to the complex as Beezo has sadly lost his wallet with his code key somewhere back at The Cellar. Up to his apartment they go, but when Beezo spots that Keesjan has his wallet a more direct approach to their break and enter is employed and Beezo is simply knocked out and pulled inside the apartment after his code key is used.

The apartment, now understood to most likely be much more Nyla’s apartment, is very clean and furnished quite tastefully. The trio help themselves to drinks from the fridge and then spot Fern and Inicio on the security camera coming through the front entrance. It seems they luckily met with the very same cab driver who took Vorst, Keesjan and Gearbox to the apartment and, after picking up a couple of much needed comlinks, were able to rejoin their companions.

The group of unlikely companions discuss recent events and trade stories and shortly thereafter a thorough search of the apartment begins…



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